3 Main Problems Online Retailers Face When They sell furniture Online

According to a study by Mintel, about 70% of shoppers buy products and services online today. The practice of shopping online has traversed numerous retail sectors, furniture included. People like to buy furniture online these days because it comes with a host of benefits. Firstly, there is a huge array of furniture to select from. Secondly, they get the opportunity to compare prices to find the most ideal. And lastly, they are relaxed when buying online compared to when buying in a physical store.

However, the proliferation of online furniture sales presents massive challenges to online retail owners. Typically, furniture is bulky, so packaging and shipping present is a daunting task. This post talks about the challenges experienced by online retailers when shipping furniture to customers:

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ยท Sell furniture online challenge #1: Damage to furniture

One of the main objectives of all e-commerce retailers dealing in furniture sales is the prompt and safe delivery of products. The fact that furniture is bulky and shaped oddly means realizing this objective is almost insurmountable. Not to mention that bulky, odd-shaped furniture has a higher probability of getting damaged if special care isn’t placed on packaging because the furniture is prone to shifting during shipping. If the furniture is damaged in the course of shipping, the customer will surely complain. Worse still, they can ask for the furniture to be returned. Returning furniture is not only expensive but inconvenient as well. And if this situation isn’t handled in the right way, the customer can ruin the reputation of the online retail store. So on numerous occasions, the customer always wins, and the online retailer has to incur all the expenses.

ยท Sell furniture online challenge # 2: Inappropriate packaging

Customers who buy products online prefer to buy from the same retailer over and over. In return, they want the retailers to show that they care. That’s why online retailers must ensure that they package customer’s merchandise in the right way. It’s hard for a customer to remain loyal to a business when they don’t care about how their products are packaged. For online retailers, finding the right packaging for furniture is a monumental challenge. That’s why they rely on accustomed and reputable shipping companies and ensure their products during shipping.

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ยทSell furniture online challenge # 3: The cost of shipping

Because of the bulky nature of furniture, online retailers have to contend with expensive shipping costs, including insurance. Keep in mind that the extraordinary costs of shipping furniture can reduce profit margins considerably. And this can inhibit the upward growth of the business. Thatโ€™s why most e-commerce retailers shy away from listing bulky furniture on their platforms. While there are shipping companies out there that offer reasonable shipping costs for furniture, they donโ€™t guarantee that the merchandise will be delivered without damage. Thatโ€™s why these online retailers have to put up with the most reputable, expensive shipping companies. These online retailers prioritize customer interest over their own; which is why they are still in business.



Almost all online retailers that sell furniture online have to face challenges like expensive shipping costs, damaged furniture, and improper packaging. But innovative companies are coming up to sort out these issues. These companies come up with better ways to package furniture to reduce the possibilities of damage and minimize the costs of shipping. They also allow customers to create containers for packaging the furniture they have ordered. This strategy eradicates wasteful filler materials that come about as a result of the wrong product box sizes. The strategy ensures that furniture will not shift in the course of shipping, and so, they’ll be delivered in their original condition. The whole approach upholds the reputation of your business, as there will be no complaints from customers.